In The Round

The start to 2019 is off to a roaring start – it’s seen the evolvement of our beloved Café de Paris and its’weekly cabaret nights to a brand new nightlife concept called Disco 54, however one achievementwe’re especially proud of, is we hosted our very first roundtable talk series, #InTheRound.

A nod to our iconic Café de Paris, #InTheRound saw our very own Group Sales, Events and Marketing Director, Craig Anderson-Woodley partake in a roundtable discussion with four leading experts in the events industry, including:

EMILY MORBEY, Director and Founder of Miss London Concierge

NICK TELSON, Co-founder of Design My Night

TOM HOBBS, UK Activations Manager of Bacardi

CHARLIE HEPBURN, Managing Director and Founder of BE Vivid


Comprising of thought leaders from all areas of the events industry, the roundtable talk was hosted and chaired by Charlotte Mair, Managing Director of brand communications agency, The Fitting Room.

The #InTheRound series is now available on our Facebook and IGTV. We’ve created a YouTubeplaylist to watch all the content

FILM 1: A Roundtable Talk Of Leading Event Industry Experts

Our first film introduces our panel of event industry experts, including our very own Group Sales, Events and Marketing Director Craig Anderson Woodley.

FILM 2: What Does Experience Mean To You Now?

When our panel of industry event experts were asked what experience meant to them now, the discussion turned to the use of technology.

FILM 3: How Has The Event Industry Evolved With The Consumer?

The table talk turns to how the events landscape has evolved with the consumer, with the conversation turning to how lifestyle trends have dictated the change.

FILM 4: What Is The Lead Question From People Booking An Event?

Director of Miss London Concierge, Emily Morbey reveals what the lead questions are from guests booking an event and advises on how to manage budget expectations.

FILM 5: Venue Dry-Hire Pros and Cons

The discussion turned to a debate on using your own suppliers – does it really save your clients money? Does that compromise the experience if they aren’t familiar with the venue?

FILM 6: How Do You Get Into The Events Industry?

Is the best way to start your events management career with the relevant degree, an internship or is it more about who you know? All our panellists weigh in on the importance of what it takes to make it.

FILM 7: What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

Our panel of event experts give us a deeper insight on what they’d tell their younger self in going forthwith their experiences of entering the world of events.

FILM 8: The Future of Events

In our final question to our panellists, they were asked what the future of events holds. The discussion lead to technology, digital amplification and even sustainability, but it all came back to the importance of guest experience.


Watch the roundtable take a turn and the questions come from the live audience!